Monday, October 28, 2013

Danica Torres Sex Tape Scandal?

I heard a rumor that Danica Torres has a sex scandal video with her foreigner boyfriend and of our readers also say that his friend read something about a ripe and 'highly possible' circulation of a Danica Torres Sex Tape. As Manyaks and who love to see scandals too this is a good news because we know lots of our readers really love Danica Torres especially the form of her body. 

We have inquiries about the alleged Danica Sex Tape on mail and at the comments sections too. We are as curious as our friend and the rest of you out there who have fantasies of Danica Torres, Homemade Flick Enthusiasts. So if you know the story, or have links to the said tape, or think the story's crap, anything you have to say counts, really. Hit the comments!! 

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